ISSN: 2236-269X

March - April 2020

Published: 2020-04-01

Editorial Volume 11, Issue 2

Paulo Cesar Chagas Rodrigues


An algorithm to solve the inverse kinematics to a stewart platform

Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu, Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu


Simple tools for hr performance evaluation in Argentinean sme

Leandro Adolfo Viltard, Juan Andrés Pérez


Communities of practice and QFD method for green logistics in the cosmetics industry: a suggested review

Neusa Maria Andrade, Jair Gustavo de Mello Torres, Irapuan Glória Júnior, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Costa Neto


Effectiveness of organizational mission of the public security secretaries of the Brazilian States

Elielton de Amorim Coelho, Platini Gomes Fonseca, Emmanuelle Fonseca Marinho de Anias Daltro


The relationship between brand equity and intention to buy: the case of convenience stores

Phuong Viet Le-Hoang, Giang Truong Nguyen, Huong Thanh Thi Phung, Vi Truc Ho, Nhan Trong Phan


The effect of marketing mix and brand image on customer loyalty of remixed mortar

Megawati Simanjuntak, Ujang Sumarwan, Ariel Diesto Situmorang


Some dynamic models of rigid memory mechanisms

Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu, Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu


The measurement process in micro and small software maintenance companies: empirical study

Victor José Aguiar Teixeira de Melo Fran, Gislaine Camila Lapasini Leal, Renato Balancieri, Ana Cristina Rouiller


Screw torque traceability control: industrial application

Carlos Americo de Souza Silva, Iracyanne Retto Uhlmann, Enzo Morosini Frazzon