ISSN: 2236-269X

April - June 2015

Published: 2015-06-01

Volume 6, Number 2

Paulo Cesar Chagas Rodrigues, Carlos Antonio Louzada


Simulation of a Production Line with Automated Guided Vehicle: A Case Study

Luiz Felipe Verpa Leite, Robson Marinho A. Esposito, Ana Paula Vieira, Fabio Lima


Evaluation of critical success factors through the use of mind map in the logistic process of a customs clearance commissioner in a brazilian company

Jadir Perpétuo dos Santos, Iris Bento da Silva, Geraldo Cardoso de Oliveira Neto, Orlando Fontes Lima Junior, André Jacinto Nunes


A fuzzy logic application in virtual education

Thiago Drummond Moreira, Maria Augusta Soares Machado


Does the image of Indonesian contemporary artists matter? A theoretical review on brand image, acceptance & market opportunity

Samuel P. D. Anantadjaya, Irma M. Nawangwulan, Aninditya Kusumah, Yusup Budi Setio, Cindy Kartika Koswara


Deployment the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) aiming to improve competitive priorities of manufacturing

José Manoel Souza das Neves, Getulio Kazue Akabane, Fernando Augusto Silva Marins, Roberto Kanaane


Simple Strategic Analysis Tools at SMEs in Ecuador

Diego H. Álvarez Peralta, Leandro Adolfo Viltard


Sustainability As A Success Factor In Global Operations: A Survey Of Car Manufacturing Supply Chains

Hamilton Pozo, Getulio Kazue Akabane, Antonio Cesar Galhardi, Helena Gemignani Peterossi


Diagnosis based on strategic management practices: real estate agencies of Santa Maria - Brazil

Patrícia Schrippe, Flaviani Souto Bolzan Medeiros, Andreas Dittmar Weise