An Otto Engine Dynamic Model

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Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu
Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu
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Otto engine dynamics are similar in almost all common internal combustion engines. We can speak so about dynamics of engines: Lenoir, Otto, and Diesel. The dynamic presented model is simple and original. The first thing necessary in the calculation of Otto engine dynamics, is to determine the inertial mass reduced at the piston. One uses then the Lagrange equation. Kinetic energy conservation shows angular speed variation (from the shaft) with inertial masses. One uses and elastic constant of the crank shaft, k. Calculations should be made for an engine with a single cylinder. Finally it makes a dynamic analysis of the mechanism with discussion and conclusions. The ratio between the crank length r and the length of the connecting-rod l is noted with landa. When landa increases the mechanism dynamics is deteriorating. For a proper operation is necessary the reduction of the ratio landa, especially if we want to increase the engine speed. We can reduce the acceleration values by reducing the dimensions r and l.


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Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu, Bucharest Polytechnic University

Ph.D. Eng. Florian Ion T. PETRESCU

Senior Lecturer at UPB (Bucharest Polytechnic University), Theory of Mechanisms and Robots department,

Date of birth: March.28.1958; Higher education: Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Transport, Road Vehicles Department, graduated in 1982, with overall average 9.63;

Doctoral Thesis: "Theoretical and Applied Contributions About the Dynamic of Planar Mechanisms with Superior Joints".

Expert in: Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Engines Design, Mechanical Transmissions, Dynamics, Vibrations, Mechanisms, Machines, Robots.


Member ARoTMM, IFToMM, SIAR, FISITA, SRR, AGIR. Member of Board of SRRB (Romanian Society of Robotics).


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