Periodicity.: Special Edition ISE, S&P, May 2020
e-ISSN......: 2236-269X
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Technology of operational management in the activities of port elevators

Inna Kuznetsova, Yuliia Karpenko, Iryna Vidomenko


The article deals with the main problems of port elevators, which lead to incomplete use of their capacities. They include: the problem of reducing the capacity factor of the elevator capacity, the problem of lack of rhythm of grain picking operations, the problem of inconsistency with railway transport, the problem of storage of different crops and crops of different quality, the problem of loss of time during the shipment of grain to the ship. The necessity of detailed planning of port elevators' operations by the determination of flows of work passing through the system, as well as the control of their implementation, is proved. The graphical model of implementation of the operational function of the port elevator is suggested, which will allow to coordinate its operations and to check the possibility of their implementation during the departure period of the ship. This model establishes the order of operations, as well as the main planning documents that regulate them. The use of a technological map of the implementation of the operational function for describing the list and sequence of basic operations for the formation of a ship batch and its shipment, conditions and requirements for their implementation, as well as information about the equipment used, is suggested. The graphical model and the technological map of the implementation of the port elevator's operational function provide information on the rational sequence and coherence of the operations' planning for the formation of the ship party and its shipment, which reduces the time loss, provides the opportunity to coordinate the work of the elevator with its transportation system.


operational management technology; port elevator; operational function of the enterprise; Johnson's rule of planning of the sequence of operations

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