Peculiarities of formation of competitive strategy of the enterprises of flour-milling branch of Ukraine

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Inna Kuznetsova
Valentyna Gorbatiuk
Tetiana Mulyk
Alyona Piskun
Oksana Pashchenko
Oleksandr Hridin
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The article deals with the peculiarities of formation of competitive strategy of the enterprises of flour-milling branch of Ukraine. The paper substantiates the necessity to determine the stage of the life cycle of the industry in the process of formation of the competitive strategy. The market analysis of flour-milling industry of Ukraine is carried out on indicators: size of the market, commodity nomenclature, buyers and their behavior, raw material base and intensity of competition.  The paper determines that the flour-milling industry of Ukraine is at the stage of growth and has a number of tendencies, such as: decrease


in sales volumes, increase in export volumes, standardization of products and average level of competition intensity. The following stages of the life cycle of the industry are studied: introduction, growth, maturity and decline. The paper proves the necessity of distinguishing the stage of renewal in the life cycle of the industry, which is implemented on the basis of modern technologies. The practical significance of the research consists in developing recommendations for choosing a competitive strategy of the flour mill enterprise in accordance with the stage of the life cycle of the industry. The enterprises of the flour-milling industry of Ukraine, in accordance with the stage of the life cycle of the industry are recommended to form competitive advantages on the basis of the concept of "lean production".


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Integration System of Education, Science and Production
Author Biographies

Inna Kuznetsova, Odesa National Economic University

Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor, Head of Department has been working at the Department of Management, Odessa National Economic University. She teaches disciplines "Management", "Methods of making managerial decisions", "Strategic Management". Has practical experience as the engineer-economist of the department of the automated production control system at the Odesa mechanical plant of equipment, Dean of the Faculty of Advanced Training at the Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies, Head of Department of Management at the Odesa National Economic University. Scientific interests: strategic management; operational management; economic security of enterprises.

Valentyna Gorbatiuk, Odesa National Economic University

Ph.D. Student of Department of Management of Organizations. Scientific interests: competitive strategy, enterprise costs, еconomic analysis. Researcher ID :  AAV-8951-2021

Tetiana Mulyk, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University

Associate Professor, Head of the Analysis and Statistics Department. Candidate of Sciences (Economy), Associate Professor. Her continuous length of service exceeds more than thirty years. Since 1991 she has been working at Vinnytsia National Agrarian University. Apart from scientific research work, Tetiana Mulyk is involved in teaching. Among the courses she teaches are: Analysis of economic activity, Analysis of banking activities, Business process diagnostics etc. Scientific interests: economic analysis, educational innovations, business process diagnostics

Alyona Piskun, Odesa National Economic University

Candidate of Sciences (Economics). Lecturer of Department of Organizational Management. Her continuous experience exceeds ten years. Since 2010 she has been working at Odesa National Economic University. In addition to research work, Alyona Piskun teaches. Among the courses she teaches are: business performance management, business management, management decision-making methods and more. Research interests: management, factor analysis, business efficiency.

Oksana Pashchenko, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Candidate of Economic Sciences Associate Professor of  Economic Theory. Associate Professor of Economic Theory (Economic), Associate Professor of Economic Theory has been working at the Department of Economics National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. She teaches disciplines taught students have a bachelor's and master's degree. Has practical experience of the leading specialist in economic and financial issues at the enterprise "Velykosnitynka” Educational Research Farm named after O.V. Muzychenko. Scientific interests: Finance, Banking and Insurance, Economics.

Oleksandr Hridin, State Biotechnological University

Candidate of Economic Sciences (2019), Associate Professor (2020), Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Business and Management, the associate professor in the Department of Organization of Production, Business and Management. He teaches disciplines taught: HR management; innovation management; operations management; strategic management; organization of production. Scientific interests: Development of personnel management systems of agricultural enterprises: theory, methodology, practice. Author of more than 100 scientific works. Researcher ID: G-1849-2017. Scopus Author ID: 57216225277 


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