Unstabling in the legal Environment and Decision-Making process

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Mostafa Jafari
Maedeh Bayat
Mohammad Reza Ahmadi
Masoumeh Rahimi
صندلی اداری


The aim of this study was to determine the impact of change dimensions in the legal environment on the quality of each stage of the decision-making process of the senior managers of public institutions. The interest population of this study included all general managers, directors, administrative, financial and support assistants, financial controllers and managers and other executive directors and deputies of Zanjan province that were studied by census method. The data collection toll was a researcher-made questionnaire that its reliability and validity were confirmed (Cronbach's alpha coefficient: 0.87). Data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics techniques (Chi-square test and Friedman test) by SPSS software. The results show that the dimensions of changes in the legal environment factors affect on the two first and third stages of the decision making process of managers (stages of data collection, decision-making and its implementation). However, it has no effect of the data and information analysis stage.


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