The effect of dimensions of knowledge sharing on a variety of strategic mind map of managers and employees

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Pegah Azema
Mostafa Jafari
صندلی اداری


Based on cognitive school of strategic management, the mental (intellectual) map of managers and employees is highly effective on survival and development of their companies. The number of mental maps that managers and employees of a company have on situations and categories (quantity) and the quality (accuracy and precision) of mind maps can be decisive factors in the success of their companies. One of the most important factors affecting the mind map is knowledge sharing. This study seeks to explain the dimensions of this impact. Based on objective, this is a descriptive - explanatory study, while it is an applied one according to the result. It is cross-sectional research based on time, and a surveying according to the methodology. The target population members included the managers and employees of a large industrial complex in the North West of Iran. The sampling method was a stratified randomized approach, and the sample size was calculated using the Cochran formula as 237 subjects. The data were collected by a researcher-made questionnaire containing 36 questions. The results showed that knowledge sharing affects the formation of a strategic map of managers and employees significantly and differently through each of the three categories of organizational factors, personal factors, and knowledge factors. This means that each of these knowledge sharing approaches affects each of the eight mind maps with different quality and quantity. Also, knowledge sharing is not a universal current among all managers and employees; in addition, it is unclear that sharing of knowledge will essentially boost more useful and functional mental maps, and perhaps, it would act otherwise. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct the process of knowledge-sharing to continuously integrate and improve mind maps of decision-takers and decision-makers.


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