Service value stream management (SVSM) - a case study

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Delmo Alves de Moura
Victor Carneiro Bonadio
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Air transport accounts for a significant portion of all wealth production in the world. In the case of Brazil, although the air transport industry is undergoing profound changes because of the economic crisis, there is enormous potential for this market to resume growth, especially when compared to the number of passengers/inhabitant of already consolidated markets, such as the United States. However, to grow in this market, airlines need to be prepared to adapt to new dynamics and overcome the effects of the economy on the industry. This paper presents a case study of an airline that in the crisis period lost its market leadership and chose to restructure the business-to-business (B2B) sales department to achieve better results in its Business Process Management (BPM). It seeks to identify which factors led the company to lose this leadership from the perspective of its customers and propose a way to review internal processes, eliminating waste, so that the company can resume its position in the market. It has been applied lean service-focused concepts to raise possible causes, identifying and optimized internal sales department flows to create a more appropriate customer value proposition, and correcting for each type of waste mapped. The objective of this case study was to apply the concepts related to the Value Stream Map tool to reduce activities that do not add value, in a service area, of a large airline. The objective was to improve the company's Business Process Management, aiming at a lean, effective and efficient process, improving the organization's performance and competitiveness.


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Delmo Alves de Moura, Federal University of ABC

Professor at  Federal University of ABC - Industrial Engineering

Victor Carneiro Bonadio, Federal University of ABC

Management Engineering


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