Influence of supervision on labour productivity on construction sites in Abuja-Nigeria

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Richard Jimoh
Luqman Oyewobi
Suleiman Suleiman
Rasheed Isa
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Research efforts have been directed toward the improvement of construction labour productivity over the years, and as a result of its significance to the national economies, the concept continues to receive attention across the globe. This study thus examines the influence of supervision on the productivity of construction workers in Abuja.  The research employed mixed methods approach using unobtrusive observation as well as on-site measurement of works to obtain qualitative data on twenty construction sites and questionnaires were used to elicit quantitative data from the professionals and those with supervisory roles involved or engaged by small and medium sized firms. Of the 157 questionnaires that were self-administered to the site supervisors, 124 valid responses were obtained which gave approximately 79% response rate. Finding from the observation and measurement revealed that there is no statistically significant difference between the productivity of workers with professional supervision and those with non-professional supervision (foremen). Results of the findings from the questionnaires on factors militating against effective supervision on construction sites showed that communication breakdown was ranked first with mean of 4.29 while irregular meeting was the least ranked with mean of 3.59.  It was suggested that adequate attention has to be paid to training, retraining and continuous professional development of people charged with supervisory roles on the construction sites so as to achieve higher construction workers productivity.


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