Compliance with corporate governance principles as element of Russian economy investment attractiveness

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Victoria V. Prokhorova
Elena I. Artemova
Tatyana G. Gurnovich
Sergey I. Berlin
Elena V. Chekmeneva
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Over the last few years, the concept of corporate governance in relation to Russian economic realities has been used relatively recently. The concept of corporate governance in the economic practice of Russia was synonymous with production management in 1990-2000 At the same time, "good corporate governance" is a set of activities of public companies in order to ensure high demand for their shares and debt securities from portfolio investors. Corporate governance is a means of trust development both in individual companies and in the stock market of the country as a whole, which is of great importance for long-term investment attraction.  According to various global ratings of the countries (for example, to the rating of the financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley, the Russian stock market is classified as an emerging market that provides increased investment returns. The article attempts to determine the main priorities of institutional investors for corporate governance in Russia. The authors come to the conclusion that the development of the corporate governance system is one of the key factors increasing the investment attractiveness of Russian companies. Government regulators take measures to create corporate governance standards, one example of which is the recommendation to use the Corporate Governance Code approved by the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia in 2014. In fact, the article highlights both positive and negative trends in the Russian practice of corporate governance. It provides the results of opinion polls among investors, which reveal their motivation to make investment decisions in the Russian market.


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Contemporary Issues on Management, Engineering and Economics


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