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Investigation of the tricycle tractor incline influence on its stability under the conditions of work at the of slope fields

Viktor Sheichenko, Gedal Hailis, Ihor Dudnikov, Pavlo Fedirko


The theoretical calculations carried out by the authors made it possible to establish the stability conditions for a tricycle tractor on the slope of the field. The research methodology was based on a theoretical solution of a static problem and the establishment of stability of a tricycle tractor depending on its layout and the angle of the field to the horizon. The layout of the tricycle tractor, which has one steerable wheel in front and two wheels in the rear, is considered. The conditions of the steady state of the tractor for the selected scheme are determined. The stability of the tractor will be ensured when the vertical line lowered down from its center of gravity crosses the surface inside the supporting quadrilateral. The surface of the supporting quadrilateral is formed as a result of connecting the outer points of the wheels. The dependence of the influence of the rim width and the wheel radius on the maximum angle of inclination of the tractor with one front wheel is established.

The scientific problems posed in the work are solved in the developed theoretical bases for determining the stability conditions of a tricycle tractor. The theoretical foundations have been developed taking into account the layout of the tractor and the angle of inclination of the field to the horizon. The dependencies of the maximum angle of inclination of the tractor were theoretically determined, which made it possible to establish the conditions for its safe operation. The scientific background for increasing the safe operating conditions of tricycle tractors has been further developed.


stability of a tricycle tractor; tractor weight; slope angle, slope angle of the tractor, conditions of stable balance of a tricycle tractor.

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