Customer requirements for the continuous improvement of product-service system: a conceptual approach

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Cristiane Alves Anacleto
Edson Pacheco Paladini
Caroline Rodrigues Vaz
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Identifying customer requirements is a strategic element for consolidating product-service systems (PSSs) in the market. However, literature on empirical studies has devoted relatively little attention to this topic. The purpose of the present work is to identify PSS customer requirements by analyzing empirical studies. Toward this goal, we present here a structured systematic literature review. This study systematically reviews 269 articles published until 2015 in the PSS field. About 10% of the publications reviewed describe empirical studies that identify PSS-customer requirements. After analyzing the content of these articles, we identify 37 requirements clustered around three criteria: (i) type of PSS, (ii) type of business transaction, and (iii) customer requirements that relate to product, service, or general aspects of PSS. The empirical studies investigated in this literature review focused on the business-to-business context. This study support PSS provider meet customer requirements. Then, they will be more successful in offering the PSS.


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