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Procurement selection criteria for projects in the public sector: evidence from Nigeria

Richard Ajayi Jimoh, Luqman Oyekunle Oyewobi, Nurayn Olanrewaju Aliu


The selection of suitable procurement practice for construction projects is a very complex and demanding tasks for stakeholders in the construction industry. In spite of the overabundance of techniques and tools accessible to the stakeholders in selecting an appropriate procurement method, clients are faced with the decision as to which of the selection criteria can be adopted for a given construction project to achieve project goals and objectives. This paper focused on evaluating the existing procurement methods being practised in the Nigerian construction industry with a view to identifying and establishing the parameters for selection that will improve contract delivery systems. In this research, quantitative approach was used to collect data from 420 contractors, consultants and clients based in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja where large numbers of building projects are being procured. The findings revealed six most commonly considered criteria and deduced that, the quality, cost and duration of the project determines the type of procurement method to adopt. It is therefore stated that in selecting any particular procurement method for building construction projects, the complexity of such project should be clearly defined and the other performance indicators be given adequate consideration for a successful project delivery that will enhance the achievement of the client’s goal.


Criteria; Construction; Procurement; Projects; Nigeria

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