Prospects of biodiesel production: the place and role of Ukraine in the context of implementation of the eu green course

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Oleksandr Klymchuk
Olga Khodakivska
Olena Kireytseva
Olga Podolska
Iryna Mushenyk
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The purpose of the study is to conduct a systematic analysis of global processes of biodiesel production and to establish priority areas of biodiesel production in Ukraine based on the calculation of economic efficiency of production from different raw materials to ensure energy independence of the agro-industrial sector. The article highlights the historical processes, current trends, and prospects for the production and consumption of biodiesel in the world. Modern approaches to the formation, development, and support of biodiesel production in the European Union are outlined. The following methods, as well as techniques, have been used during the research: economic-historical and analytical generalizations; monographic; graphic; statistical analysis; prognostication; abstract-logical. Statistical results have been processed on a personal computer using special WindowsXP applications: Word, Excel 7.0, and the system "STATISTICA". The economic efficiency of biodiesel production in Ukraine from different types of raw materials (rapeseed, sunflower, soybean) is considered. Modern approaches to efficient biodiesel production in Ukraine and perspective directions of formation of raw material base for increase of biodiesel production are offered.


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Integration System of Education, Science and Production
Author Biographies

Oleksandr Klymchuk , Institute of Feed Research and Agriculture of Podillia

Dr. Sc. in Economics, Professor, Leading researcher, Department of field forage crops, hayfields and pastures. Scientific interests: 1) Management, Formation, and Development of Competitive Production of Biofuels; 2) Regulation of Processes and Formation of Energy Independence of Natural and Economic regions of Ukraine on the basis of behavioral economy; 3) Cluster Approaches in Ensuring Food and Energy security of the state. ScopusID: 57218934227. ResearcherID: L-8145-2018. 

Olga Khodakivska, National Science Center "Institute of Agrarian Economics"

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Head of the Department of Land Relations and Nature Management. 

Olena Kireytseva, National University of Bioresources and Nature Management

Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


Olga Podolska , State Biotechnological University

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management, Administration and Law, the assistant professor of the Department of Management, Business and Administration of the State Biotechnological University. She teaches disciplines taught: "Management of Organizations", "Management of Organizational Changes and Development", "Public Administration", "State and Regional Administration", "Administrative Management". Scientific interests: Integration processes in agroindustrial production, efficiency management issues. Author of more than 100 scientific works. ScopusID 57205080768

Iryna Mushenyk, Podillia State University

Ph.D. (Economics), works at the Department of Mathematical Disciplines, Informatics and Modeling. She teaches computer science, information technology. He has a deep interest in research publication. Scientific interests: Models and Methods of Formation of Optimal Structure and Sizes of Production of Agricultural Enterprises.


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