Roles of customer care in consumer goods retail marketing: evidence from Vietnam

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Cuong Hung Pham


The study is carried out to identify the role of customer care in consumer goods retail marketing using evidence from Vietnam. It is significant to write that through extending excellent customer care services; retail businesses report increased sales of consumer goods. Besides, sales are the lifeblood of retail businesses in Vietnam, and one of the primary means of increasing them is through extending exceptional customer care services. It is worth noting that sales are also one of the determinants of company success. Various articles and related studies were reviewed to help identify relevant information about the topic. A qualitative research model was embraced for the study to help meet its primary goal. The researcher chose this model because it helps gain an understanding of various underlying opinions about customer care in consumer goods retail marketing in Vietnam. To ensure that the entire selected population was entirely analyzed, the researcher considered a very small sample size of 30 participants. What is more, interviews and observation were employed to collect relevant information for the study. Data were analyzed using the SPSS software because of its accuracy capability. Following the collected data, it was revealed that customer care positively affects consumer goods retail marketing. The current research is very significant for academic purposes for a student at different education levels. For these reasons, with the help of research findings, it can be concluded that there is a very significant relationship between customer care and consumer goods retail marketing in Vietnam and other countries.


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Contemporary Issues on Management, Engineering and Economics


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