Depreciation deduction mechanism being in use in the fishing industry and intended for sustainable development of the region

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Marina E. Vasilenko


In recent years, there has been a stabilization of the country's economy, which in the future is a major prerequisite for increasing demand for measures to limit the catch and import of raw fish abroad. They should lead to a reorientation of enterprises towards deep processing of raw fish, which will require the inflow of significant investment resources into the industry. In fact, the problem of fixed assets depreciation accounting is not new; there are several methods of their regulation in the modern world, but it is not enough when solving different managerial tasks. The relevance of the problem is due to the discrepancy between tax and accounting, between international financial reporting and Russian standards, as well as between the need to obtain an adequate and accurate assessment of the safety, and usefulness of fixed assets in the production process. As a result, the purpose of this study is to investigate modern methods of accounting depreciation of fixed assets and to identify ways to eliminate overdue areas of this problem. At the correct picked up system harmoniously working at the enterprise, and timely replacement of obsolete non-current assets, the enterprise can achieve the best productivity results and increase its liquidity.


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Contemporary Issues on Management, Engineering and Economics


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