Audit of public finances: methodological issues and the case of Ukraine

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Yulia Slobodyanik
Nataliia Zdyrko
Nataliia Kuzyk
Svitlana Sysiuk
Iryna Benko
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The paper aims to analyze the methodological issues that exist in the field of public finance audit, and find ways to solve them on the example of Ukraine. The methodological basis of the study is the analysis of scientific publications, regulations, standards; best practices analysis; retrospective analysis of ACU’s performance indicators; content analysis of reports on the results of audits; method of logical generalization and systematization in formulating conclusions and recommendations. The study found that an important role in maintaining the functions of the SAI in society is played not only by the fact of auditing public finances, but also its methodology, including compliance with INTOSAI standards and building confidence in its results. The recommendations concern the need to: conduct financial audits of all major administrators of budget funds in accordance with the requirements of INTOSAI standards; ensure the timeliness of financial audits, the results of which should be published together with the financial statements; assessment of the skills of the ACU’s specialists performing financial audits to plan staff training; revise approaches to the interaction of the ACU’s auditors with internal audit departments to support the development of the internal audit function in the public sector; establish a quality control system according to the requirements of ISSAI 140; revise the approaches to the implementation of public finance reform on the transition to the application of the principle of accrual in accounting. Implementation of the recommendations will strengthen the role of the Accounting Chamber in society by increasing the credibility of its audits and their importance for improving the efficiency of public administration.


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Integration System of Education, Science and Production
Author Biographies

Yulia Slobodyanik, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Doctor of Economics, Professor of the of the Audit Department of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Member of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, certified auditor in Ukraine.

Nataliia Zdyrko, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University

Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor,  Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit. She teaches disciplines taught:  audit, public procurement control, computer audit, public financial control, control and audit. Scientific interests: public financial control, public audit, analysis and control of public procurement, international auditing standards. Author of more than 110 scientific works. ScopusID 57192835222 

Nataliia Kuzyk, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Accounting and Taxation Department. She teaches disciplines taught : Audit, Financial Accounting. Scientific interests: prospects for the development of audit in agricultural enterprises. ResearcherID H-7517-2018

Svitlana Sysiuk, West Ukrainian National University

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Accounting and Taxation Department. Researcher ID H-2909-2017

Iryna Benko , West Ukrainian National University

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Accounting and Taxation Department. ResearcherID H-3054-2017


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