A knowledge system proposal with weighted goal programming approach for multi-criteria dea model and an application

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Tugba Polat
Safak Kiris


In today's competitive environment, enterprises should use their resources correctly; they should continuously improve themselves and work efficiently. It is important to evaluate the performances of the units under the same conditions in enterprises according to each other, to see the current situations and to determine appropriate improvements in necessary points. One of the commonly used approaches to performance evaluation is Data Envelopment Analysis. Many approaches have been developed for the Data Envelopment Analysis model, and Goal programming using in multi-objective decision making solutions approaches is one of them. Goal Programming gives decision-makers the opportunity to evaluate many objectives together in the decision-making process. In this study, classical Data Envelopment Analysis and weighted goal programming approach for multi-criteria data envelopment analysis model was applied in the evaluation process of the projects worked in an automotive supplier industry. A knowledge system has also been proposed in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the projects periodically and to include new projects or conditions into the evaluation.


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Safak Kiris, Kütahya Dumlupinar University

Industrial Engineering Department


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