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Optimizing productivity by eliminating and managing rejection frequency using 5s and kaizens practices: case study

zahid hussain


The worldwide demand of ceramic tiles market is projected to spread about 21,000 million square meters by 2020. The rising infrastructure progress activities in emergent countries is expected to motivate the trade growth throughout the estimated period. The industry has fascinated a number of new competitors owing to the fast demand progress, thus executing the business extremely reasonable. The production of ceramic tiles involves two different stages: pre bisque firing kiln processes and post bisque firing kiln processes. Rejection encountered in pre bisque firing kiln processes can be recycled deprived of much damage to the environment however the post bisque firing kiln rejection cannot be reprocessed. On the other hand, greatest amount of thermal energy is consumed in the bisque firing kiln process. This research paper highlights a case study of frontier ceramic ltd to diminish the post bisque firing kiln rejections frequency during the production of ceramic wall tiles. In this perspective, 5S methodology is used to reorganize the workstations and process flow while the application of kaizens philosophy of continuous improvement has directed to 40% decrease in post bisque firing kiln rejection consequently saving energy and damage to environment.


rejections rate; 5S methodology; kaizens and lean performs; productivity enhancement;

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