Strategic analysis tools (SAT) application at small & medium-sized enterprises (SMES) in the north area of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Leandro Adolfo Viltard



This paper studies the nature and amplitude of Strategic Analysis Tools (SAT) application in SMEs located in emerging countries, specifically the North Area of Buenos Aires, Argentina (NABAA), where there are no formal studies on the subject. It is intended to understand their contribution to strategic options formulation and implementation. A survey to SMEs’ owners/executives /managers in NABAA and interviews with specialists were applied, intending to analyze the use of these tools to facilitate the creation of strategic options, their support in assessing a competitive position and their promotion of superior performance. The results of this investigation developed that SAT and their related KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be considered in SMEs in order to improve strategy formulation and find better ways to implement it. Their systematization –not leaving aside intuition- become a key issue as documenting this process appears vital when analyzing strategic options and performing better interrelations among different elements that may be identified. An improvement in strategic analysis may help also to have a better cohesion of company resources and achieve the established objectives. Unconsciousness, and cultural biases and barriers may explain their low usage rates. The final objective is to set aside from competition and build unattainable competitive advantages.

This is a qualitative investigation, and the research design is not experimental and transversal.

Keywords: Strategic Analysis Tools (SAT); Formulation; SME; Competitiveness; Value.


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Leandro Adolfo Viltard, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (Buenos Aires). Graduate School of Business, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Universidad de San Isidro "Dr. Plácido Marín"(USI), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Universidad del Pacífico, Ecuador. Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina, Universidad Nacional de Luján, Argentina. Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina.

Dr. Leandro A. Viltard

Specialities: Business, Administration, Education & Corporate training.


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