Applied quantitative methods in materials handling – a case study in the MPMP hospital

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Flavio Alberto Gomes da Silva
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Quantitative methods is an important tool for a wide range of logistic processes, particularly in stock management operations such as handling and storage. Especially in a Hospital, in which it is essential to a good supply of materials and medicines that guarantee the agility required in meeting the demands of patients. The objective of the present work is to understand the process of separation and distribution of materials and medicines within a hospital storeroom and use quantitative methods for optimizing management and routing of its activities aimed at reduce the time of path between the stockroom to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Surgery, Nursery and adult Intensive Care Unit of Hospital MPMP. For this, a literature search and a case study in a Hospital. The article presents a suggestion of improvement of routing and optimization of distribution processes, using Microsoft Solver. Which might verify that the implementation of this procedure is quite simple and the Hospital can deploy it with confidence that improvements will occur at the service level.


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