Periodicity.: April - June 2015
e-ISSN......: 2236-269X
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Diagnosis based on strategic management practices: real estate agencies of Santa Maria - Brazil

Patrícia Schrippe, Flaviani Souto Bolzan Medeiros, Andreas Dittmar Weise


The paper aims to diagnosis the Strategic Management practices in real estate agencies in the city of Santa Maria – Brazil. For this, a questionnaire was developed by the authors with aid from Google Docs tool and was sent through an electronic mail to all real estate agencies, from which 25 agencies responded, representing about 56.8% of all agencies contacted. The main finding is the inefficiently structured strategic management in the real estate management, which includes a series of aspects, such as strategic planning, indexes, SWOT analysis and employees training. Although the economic outlook was positive for real estate agencies in the last years, if they had gotten used tools of strategic management, the agencies could been enjoying a stronger financial and strategic position. Thus, the major implication of this paper is contributed broad diagnosis the strategic management operation in real estate agencies in the city of Santa Maria – Brazil.


Real estate management; Strategic management; Strategic planning; Real estate agencies

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