Economic justification for the use of biological fungicides and plant growth stimulants for growing sunflower

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Yevhenii Domaratskyi
Anastasia Kaplina
Olga Kozlova
Nonna Koval
Andrii Dobrovolskyi
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The study presents economic substantiation of applying environmentally friendly plant growth stimulators in combination with biological fungicides in sunflower production under conditions of the South of Ukraine. The field research was conducted at Kherson State Agricultural University (Ukraine) in 2017 – 2019 under conditions of dark chestnut alkaline soils with the humus content of 2.5% in the plough layer.  The results of the three-year field research prove that the net profit reached the absolute maximum in the variant of the hybrid LG 5580 under conditions of applying the bio-fungicide Fitotsyd-r with the stimulator Ahrostymulin at the stage of budding and amounted to $1081/ha. In this case the cost price was the least – $141.6/ha, and the profitability level was the highest – 196%. In the areas sown with the hybrid Tunca the variant with the combination of Fitotsyd-r and the growth stimulator Ahrostymulin also provided a positive result, but it yielded a little to the combination of the preparations Fitosporyn / Ahrostymulin: the net profit was $579.7/ha, the price cost made $203.4/ha and the profitability was 106 %.On the whole this analysis makes it possible to maintain that additional costs related to purchasing and applying fertlizers are totally compensated owing to the cost of an increase in the yield.


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Integration System of Education, Science and Production
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Yevhenii Domaratskyi, Kherson State Agrarian University

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Plant, Genetics, Breeding and Seed Science of the Kherson State Agrarian University. Has practical experience of the head of an agricultural enterprise.

He teaches disciplines taught: «Crop», “Systems of modern intensive technologies of cultivation of crops”, “Industrial ecology”, “Agricultural ecology”.

Author of more than 112 scientific works.

Scientific interests: agronomy, crop production, plant growth stimulants, ecology, field crop cultivation technology.

Scopus ID: 57199169322

Tel. +380684669009

Anastasia Kaplina, Kherson State Agrarian University

Candidate of Economics Science, Associate professor of the Department of General, Kherson State Agrarian University. 

She teaches disciplines taught: Organization and methods of economic analysis, economic analysis, economic theory. Scientific interests: State support of agriculture, influence mechanisms, economic modeling, international standards of management of agricultural enterprises.

Author of more than 90 scientific works. 

Olga Kozlova, Kherson State Agrarian University

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Plant, Genetics, Breeding and Seed Science of the Kherson State Agrarian University.

She teaches disciplines: Genetics, Horticulture, Medicinal plants. Research interests: growing niche fruit crops in the South of Ukraine, the use of biological drugs and growth stimulants in oilseeds. Author of more than 35 scientific works.

Scopus ID:  57203820253

Nonna Koval, State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange

Andrii Dobrovolskyi, State Institution "Mykolayiv State Agricultural Research Station Institute of Irrigated Agriculture National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine"

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Plant, Genetics, Breeding, and Seed Science of the Kherson State Agrarian University. Has practical experience of the head of an agricultural enterprise.

He teaches disciplines taught: «Crop», “Industrial ecology”, “Agricultural ecology”. Author of more than 22 scientific works.

Scientific interests: agronomy, crop production.

Scopus ID: 57203815573


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