Identification of the behavioral criteria of dairy cattle on the basis of electronic imaging

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Ines Jemmali
Mohamed Najeh Lakhoua
Imed Jabri
Mnaouer Djemali
Mohamed Annabi
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The paper deals with the identification of the behavioral criteria of dairy cattle through Imaging. The objective of the study is the optimization of the rate of pregnancy in these cows. Indeed, the gestural behaviors of 200 cows belonging to a stable were observed by giving more attention to cows that show signs of heat known. A camera was used to record the different postures and the different behaviors of these cows. The quantitative data of reproduction studied farm showed that the rate of pregnancy in these cows is far from optimal. This is due essentially to a lack of monitoring and observation of cows in heat negatively affecting the economics of the operation. Detecting cows in heat can be made and improved by using Imaging. This will facilitate the life of farmers and increase their income and decreasing the time for detection of the heat.


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