Periodicity.: Special Edition ISE, S&P, May 2020
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Prospects for implementation of corporate environmental responsibility concept: the eu experience for Ukraine

Bohdan Andrushkiv, Liliya Melnyk, Viktor Palianytsia, Olena Sorokivska, Roman Sherstiuk


A comparative analysis of the main indicators of ecological sustainability in Ukraine and European countries has been done and the economic indicators of nature use in Ukraine have been studied. The purpose of this article is to study the experience and development peculiarities of corporate environmental responsibility, as well as the implementation of better European environmental practice in Ukrainian business. The research methodology concerns to the study of the Environmental Sustainability Index of Ukraine and European countries, as well as the Eco-innovations Index. The key criteria for corporate environmental responsibility has been identified based on the analysis results and a list of factors affecting the environmental responsibility of the enterprise has been formed. The conceptual framework of corporate environmental responsibility in Ukraine with application European principles and approaches for creating a favourable business environment has been developed.


Environmentally responsible business; European experience; environmental responsibility concept; sustainable development; environmental indicators.

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