Analysis of business systems and automation; the application of the original web platform for start-up entrepreneurial endeavors

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Marko Ranković
Velimir Dedić
Nikola Pavlović
milena p Ilić
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Ensuring a good position on the market is risked in start-up entrepreneurial endeavors, in which there is an evident funding problem and which have a small amount of the initial capital at their disposal. For that reason, with the help of knowledge and information technologies, entrepreneurial endeavors oriented towards the provision of consulting services for other companies and institutions, or for the personal needs of business decision-making, can ensure a good competitive position by conducting the automation of their services with the help of the original web platform presented in the paper. Thanks to the said automation and web platform, start-up entrepreneurial firms are provided with a strong tool within the framework of their field of work, at a low price, which enables them to be cost-competitive. As the young are increasingly involved in the field of information technologies irrespective of the job they do and as learning programming is increasingly more available within the framework of formal education, non-formal education, i.e. courses, as well as free of charge, via the content on the Internet through diverse tutorials and programs, start-up companies are enabled to utilize their employees’ skills in multiple ways with minimal investments in order to establish the platform, whereas when the professional segment within the field of management and economics, i.e. the managerial segment, are concerned, they may utilize the available knowledge funds and consultants.


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Marko Ranković, Faculty of Information Technologies and Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

Assistant professor, PhD. Faculty of Information Technologies and Engineering, Belgrade phone: +381 63 682 818


Dr. Marko Rankovic is senior banking professional, university professor and lecturer. He is working in Payment/Banking industry for 14+ years. His experience, in various management roles, spanning through the most renowned international companies, such as Euronet Worldwide Inc., SAS Institute, Telenor/Telenor banka and Asseco/Payten – and he is focused on helping the Clients to grow their payments business through providing expertise and technology. Marko has joined Chip Card in 2016, as Executive Director (co-CEO). Apart from professional carrier, he is university professor, and has published 2 books and more than 30 scientific papers.


Velimir Dedić, Faculty of Information Technologies and Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

Full professor, PhD. Faculty of Information Technologies and Engineering, Belgrade phone: +381 60 55 99 462

Prof. dr. Dr. Velimir Dedić has over twenty years of university teaching experience in the field of information technology. He is research and practitioner involved in the application of IT in education, especially in mathematics learning. He is the author of several textbooks and a number of scientific and professional papers, projects and software solutions.


Nikola Pavlović, ITS – Information Technology School – Belgrade, Serbia

BSc in Organizational Sciences. ITS – Information Technology School – Belgrade, Serbia phone: +381 69 360 47 45

Nikola Pavlović is employed in ITS - Information Technology School, Belgrade, Serbia. Nikola is engaged in teaching as well as position of Network and IT Administrator.  Web development is his area of interest focusing on practical solutions for small businesses / entrepreneurs. Nikola has published several scientific papers in the field of information technology in national and international scientific journals as well as in scientific monographs of international importance.

milena p Ilić, ITS - Information technology School, Belgrade University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Department Management of art and media production at Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade

Assistant professor, PhD. ITS – Information Technology School – Belgrade, Serbia phone: +381 60 55 22 581

Milena Ilić is an Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, and Professor of Vocational Studies of the Higher Education School of Professional Studies in Information Technology ITS - Belgrade where she has been engaged in undergraduate and master vocational studies in the field of Economics and Engineering.
She has published over 70 scientific papers in the international and national scientific journals, monographs and proceedings of international and national importance, including those indexed in WOS. Milena is author of five books and a reviewer on several thematic scientific monographs and journals, books, as well as a member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Journal of Railway.


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