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RCM deployment analysis in fiber wood production: improving the productivity and increasing the system reliability

Flávio Piechnicki, Cleiton Santos, Eduardo Loures, Eduardo Santos


The maturity of the current production systems allocates the company in scenarios of success or not in achieving the goals of the business. It is enhanced through the use of tools and methodologies to support decision-making in all layers and sectors of the company. In this scenario, researches on the maintenance management are so relevant because its objectives affect directly system reliability, indicators of quality, safety requirements, environmental impacts and operating costs. Selecting the right maintenance policy has become one of the most important decision-making actions in the industry. In contemporary maintenance techniques, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a systematic process that analyses the functions and potential failures of a physical asset, with focus on the preservation of the systems functions. In this context, the present paper investigates the RCM models in the literature concentering in the methodologies applied and in practical approaches. Based on this, a customized deployment model was proposed combining techniques and tools in a structured methodology for the selection of maintenance actions. The steps and details of the implementing are enhanced with a practical approach in multiple case studies in different industrial sectors. Results of the increase of the systems reliability are validated by a failure rate analysis before and after each application. More, questions about security, environment and costs are highlighted, generating a new knowledge base and promoting continuous discussions in order to improve all the process involved.


Reliability Centered Maintenance; Maintenance Strategies; Failure analysis; Pulp mill; Fiber wood; Case Study

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