Information: Citation Report - Web of Science [v.5.34]

Dear Authors,
We hope we found you well.
Thank you for your intresest in IJMP and for your valuable papers. Due to your prestigious work IJMP is now indexd in Web Of Science.
We hope in a continuos evolution of our journal, in order to be able to answer to your requests and increase the visibility of your articles.
You might help us in this regards by reading articles on your interests from IJM&P and citing its in other publications, especialy Web of Science and Scopus publications.
Thus IJM&P will have a higher impact factor and a greater visibility from year to year.
You may find other articles using "search tool" of out platform.

Below I link to the report that our colleague Prof.Ph.D. Rocsana Bucea-Manea-Tonis, sent us and it shows how our Journal has been evolving year by year. click here